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Expanding Medium and Plasticizing Agent

A combination of an expanding medium and a Plasticizing agent. The expanding agent, by generating gas during the hydration process before the initial set takes place, counteracts the natural settlement and shrinkage of the grout. The Plasticizing agent enables high workability mixes to be produced with relatively low water/cement ratios stability and cohesion of the grout are greatly increased. The expansion is controlled to avoid excess being built up but is sufficient to provide high bond of the grout to the contact surfaces with the absence of voids.


As an admixture for cementitious grouts where a low water cement ratio and positive expansion are required Applications include bed grouting, duct grouting, non shrink in-filling and jointing, pressure grouting for tunnels and shaft linings.


  • POSITIVE EXPANSION Ensures permanent contact and high bound to entire grouted surfaces.
  • EASY FLOW plasticizing effect facilitates placement and injection.
  • HIGH COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH Obtained with low water cement ratio.
  • IMPROVED QUALITY Assists productions of grouts free from water pockets and bleeding.
  • MICROCELLULAR GROUT STRUCTURE Combined with reduced water/cement ratio, provides improved resistance to both frost and fire damage.
  • IRON FREE No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout.
  • CHLORIDE Composition allows high early strength development in grouts without the use of chlorides.

Chloride content: Nil

Compatibility with cements: Can be used with all types of cement except high alumina.

Compressive Strength Table 1 shows typical grout strengths obtainable with 7.06 cms size cubes with high quality OPC used at optimum water/cement ratios and workability and cured under restraint. NOTE: To simulate site conditions, compressive strength test cubes must be cured under restraint. (i.e., the cubes mould must be covered with a top plate immediately after grout is filled into the mould).

Controlled positive expansion in unset grout incorporating Ultra expanding grout overcomes plastic settlement. An unrestrained Expansion of 1-4% is typical. Pressure to restrain plastic expansion Approx. 0.004 N/mm2
3 days 7 days 14 days 28 days
Neat Cement and Ultra expanding grout. 15.9 N/mm2 27.9 N/mm2 36.2 N/mm2 42.1 N/mm2
1: 1 Cement Sand and Ultra expanding grout. 19.3 N/mm2 30.4 N/mm2 39.2 N/mm2 46.0 N/mm2
NOTE: Unrestrained expansion may lead to some cracking and reduction in grout strength, Grouts and filling mixes containing Ultra expanding grout are there for intended for use in confined situations and not recommended for open area applications.


The following are typical grout mixes using ULTRA EXPANDING GROUT.

Mix ‘A’: NEAT CEMENT GROUT Suitable for pressure injection of small voids of ducts where low viscosity grout is necessary.

Portland cement: 50 kg.

Ultra expanding grout: 225 Gms.

Water: 20 to 22 litres

Yield: 36 liter

Suitable for gravity or pumped injection filling of large voids where higher viscosity is acceptable.

Portland cement: 50 kg.

Sharp Sand 5 mm-0(Surface dry):
50 kg.

Ultra expanding grout: 225 gms.

Water (inclusive of sand moisture content): 22 to 24 litres
(inclusive of sand moisture content)

Yield: 57 liter

Where placing conditions allow, the water content can be reduced further to obtain a stiffer mix.

Note: For grout, mortar or concrete mixes with aggregate/cement ratio more than one use 4x225 grams units of Ultra Expanding Grout/100 kg of cement.



  1. Place exact amount of specified water in a power operated grout mixer.
  2. Whilst mixing continuously, slowly add the neat cement of 1:1 or 1:1:5 cement: sand mix to the water and at the same time, sprinkle in the Ultra expanding grout powder. Alternatively, premix the Ultra expanding grout with the dry cement or cement: sand before adding all to the water. Mix complete grout for a 3-5 MINUTES until through dispersion is achieved.
  3. After mixing, all grout should be passed through a 5 mm. Sieve to remove lumps.
  4. Where grout is pumped, the operation should be continuous to completion. Sufficient grout must be prepared to ensure that the container from which the grout is pumped is kept full, to prevent air from entering the line and causing void in the cavity being grouted.


  1. Place water and sand plus aggregate. If used, in a mixer. While mixing continuously, add the Ultra expanding grout slowly.
  2. 2. After mixing thoroughly, add the cement and continue mixing for 3-5 MINUTES.


Health and safety

ULTRA EXPANDING GROUT is non-toxic. If eye contamination should occur wash immediately with plenty of water and medical advice should be sought.


Ultra expanding grout IS SUPPLIED IN 10 kg bag.

Ultra expanding grout has a minimum shelf life of 12 months when stored in a dry place in unopened packages.